The Duel

selection of 11th adg brazilian graphic design biennial 2015;
selection of 14th bienal internacional de cartel en méxico 2016;
Avignon poster awarded in d’avignon off festival 2014 and selected for permanent exhibition in the city’s public library

Mundana theater company toured Brazil and Europe between 2013 and 2014 presenting their version of Anton Chekhov’s The Duel. The visual communication included a series of posters with pictures that could be changed according to the city hosting the play. An image of the play is always combined with a lettering that crosses the piece horizontally to compose the visual identity of The Duel. strong pictures of the characters were chosen to make iconic posters. Each city had A2 format posters printed in offset.

mundana companhia, 2013–16
co-authorship: Elaine Ramos; photos: Renato Mangolin
42 × 59.4 cm

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