Seminar Social Work and Football

The social worker operating within the world of football acts to support children and adolescents in their sports development alongside their families, aiming to ensure the physical and mental well-being of these young individuals who, in their early formative stages, are subjected to quite many pressures characteristic of such environment. In addition to the demands for high sports performance, athletes are also susceptible to market’s harassment that often overlook impacts on their social and emotional aspects of life.

The Seminar’s goal is to redefine sports in its social dimension, representing it as a path for human development and civic education. The theme of this 6th edition is dedicated to the moving of athletes within the country or around the world. The visual identity blends the concept of the football world, represented by moving balls, with its human dimension, conveyed through energetic splashes of paint and the use of contrasting colors.

Sesc SP, 2022