A Perfect Grief

Ricardo Lísias narrates the period in which he was hospitalized with Covid-19, oscillating between consciousness and reverie. It describes the struggle of doctors and nurses, and the anguish for patients who did not survive. He talks about the difficulties of recovery and shows how, even after the trauma, the disease leaves deep marks on relationships with others. In his hallucinations, the narrator sees his wife with “stone” eyes and his son with a “blurry” face, and fears he will never see them again. The narrator’s optical delusions inspired the creation of this cover. A video game screen — which was the preferred virtual location the narrator and his son found themselves in while he was in the hospital — was blurred out of focus. Its contrasting colors and fluid shapes that seem to move create an enigmatic and attractive image for this distressing words title.

Alfaguara, 2022
15 × 23.4 cm