The Black Iron Legacy Series

This three-book epic fantasy series creates an imaginary world where the main events take place in the city of Guerdon. The city has a Gothic architecture and its inhabitants have mastered technologies such as steam and alchemy. In the first volume, A group of three young thieves are pulled into a centuries old magical war between ancient beings, mages, gods and humans. Throughout the books, new characters appear around the plot of the War of the Gods. The publisher asked me for a series of illustrated covers alike the international covers, using a Brazilian illustrator. I invited Paulo Torinno, who draws the characters in the owl-light and creates the scenery of the city. his sophisticated work with colors, lights and shadows creates a noir and eye-catching mood ideal for the cover. The typography Harbor choosed for the covers is a contemporary interpretation of gothic lettering, making a connection with the city of Guerdon.

Trama, 2021
co-authorship: Paulo Torinno (commissioned illustrator)
15.5 × 23 cm