Silver medal at Latin American Design Awards 2023

A collection of writings covering the entire career of Samuel Beckett, Disjecta is a miscellany of literary criticism, reviews of music and arts, which were originally written for magazines and newspapers. The publisher Biblioteca Azul has a tradition of commissioning artwork on their Samuel Becket’s book covers. The metaphor of the target as a symbol for Becket’s low tolerance in his critics was the inspiration for this project. I decided, together with the publisher, to invite the visual artist Guilherme Callegari to create the image for Disjecta. Callegari’s work with geometric paintings remembers pop artist Jasper Johns famous set using the target as a motive. And beyond, Callegari brings new features such as a noisier finish and a work with distorted lettering from letterset. In this way we commissioned a complete art for the artist, containing the cover lettering and the image of a noisy target. Along the process, we came up with the solution of a single-target going through the front and back covers.

Biblioteca Azul, 2022
co-authorship: Guilherme Callegari (commissioned artist)
14 × 21 cm

Covers, Awards