Remember professional ethics

This poster is one piece of a bigger project on democracy lead by book editors and graphic artists. It has begun when the historian Timothy Snider, encouraged by his very shared tweet commenting Donald Trump election, decided to write On Tiranny, a book of lessons taken from 20th century authoritarian regimes to serve as a warning for the present time. To promote its launch in Brazil, book house Companhia das Letras invited a team of graphic designers to draw posters for an itinerant exhibition. Each designer interpreted a chapter of the book and created a letterpress poster during a day at a typographic atelier. My interpretation of ethics starts from our moment of very controverting opinions. An ethical consent would always be a battle, so that ethics belongs to individuals. In the meantime, I consider it urgent to form consensus for society to advance or prevent losses. The typographic arrangement seeks to illustrate this perception.

Companhia das Letras, 2017
print with Oficina Tipográfica São Paulo
42 × 59.4 cm