Ghost Engineer

In this peculiar volume of poems, Fabrício Corsaletti imagines himself in the shoes of Bob Dylan in a supposed season spent in Argentina. The American lyricist supposedly lived in Buenos Aires at some unspecified period of this century. Neighborhoods, bars, cafes, shops, museums and a multitude of characters appear and disappear throughout the 56 sonnets that can be described as passionate, funny, melancholy, philosophical and delusional. As a counterpoint to a book with so many visual suggestions, the publisher preferred a minimalist cover with some subtlety related to the book. The predominant red cover as a background for a modern high-contrasted serif typography seeks to symbolizes the refinement of a utopian Buenos Aires. Its stencil design allows some of its shapes to be partially erased, making a direct connection to the title of the book.

Companhia das Letras, 2022
14 × 21 cm